May 22, 2024

Sales Contract Review in Thailand

Sales Contract Review in Thailand. Thailand's booming property market offers exciting opportunities, but navigating the legalities can be tricky, especially for foreign buyers. To ensure a smooth and secure transaction, a sales contract review by a qualified professional is essential.

Why Review a Sales Contract in Thailand?

Unlike some countries, Thai sales contracts tend to be more basic, focusing on the core elements of the sale. Here's why a review is crucial:

  • Understanding Your Rights and Obligations: A thorough review clarifies your rights and responsibilities as the buyer, ensuring the contract accurately reflects the agreed-upon terms.

  • Hidden Costs and Clauses: Unearthing any hidden fees, unexpected clauses, or unclear stipulations protects you from financial surprises or unfavorable conditions.

  • Guaranteeing Ownership Transfer: The review verifies the seller's legal ownership and ability to transfer the property to you, minimizing ownership disputes.

  • Negotiating Favorable Terms: With legal guidance, you can potentially negotiate more favorable terms regarding payment schedules, completion deadlines, or potential delays.

Key Points to Consider During a Review

A good review will focus on several key aspects of the contract:

  • Parties Involved: Ensuring the seller has the legal right to sell and your details are accurately represented.

  • Property Description: Verifying the property details (size, location, title deed) match what you're actually buying.

  • Sale Price and Payment Schedule: Clarity on the total cost, payment terms, and any potential additional fees.

  • Transfer of Ownership: Confirmation of the process for transferring ownership upon full payment.

  • Completion Deadline: Clear stipulations regarding the timeframe for construction or renovation completion (if applicable).

  • Guarantees and Warranties: Understanding any warranties provided by the seller, particularly for new developments.

  • Dispute Resolution: Outlining the process for resolving any potential disagreements that might arise after the sale.

Who Should Review Your Sales Contract?

For a comprehensive and secure transaction, consider involving the following professionals:

  • Thai Lawyer: A lawyer with expertise in Thai property law can provide in-depth analysis, identify potential risks, and negotiate on your behalf.

  • Property Translator: If the contract is in Thai, a certified translator can ensure an accurate understanding of the legal language used.

The Cost of Peace of Mind

The cost of a sales contract review varies depending on the lawyer's experience and the complexity of the contract. It's a worthwhile investment that can save you from significant financial or legal trouble down the road.


A sales contract review is not a formality; it's a safeguard for your investment in Thailand's property market. By involving qualified professionals, you can ensure a smooth transaction, protect your rights, and embark on your Thai property ownership journey with confidence.

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