Importance of Property Due Diligence in Thailand
When buying property in Thailand, it's important to conduct Thai due diligence to ensure that the property is as advertised and as good as it sounds. Listed below are a few tips to help you conduct Thai due diligence properly. This article will explain the importance of a Thailand title search and p...
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Property Title Transfer in Thailand
When buying property in Thailand, you should consider the different types of titles. In Thailand, the most common type of title is the Chanote. This title gives you full rights over the land, and you can transfer, subdivide, and assign it. It is the most accurate way to measure property in Thailand,...
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How to Make a Will in Thailand
If you own property in Thailand, you may want to consider making a will in order to ensure that your assets pass on to your beneficiaries. This may also be the time to consider creating a Living Will. Both wills and Living Wills are legally required in Thailand, and will help to ensure that your [&h...
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Thailand Company Registration for Foreigners
Before you establish your business and register it in Thailand, you need to learn more about how this type of process works. Anybody who owns a foreign business in Thailand must comply with the Foreign Business Act, established in 1999. You need to make sure you comply and retain legal services. Oth...
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Pattaya Property Legal Services
If you wish to invest in property or buy real estate in Thailand, you need to consult with a lawyer. You should never make an investment or purchase real estate without an experienced attorney at your side. Doing so can lead to some legal and financial problems – problems that could have been avoi...
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Lawyers in Pattaya
If you are considering retirement in Pattaya then speak to our lawyers in Pattaya about a retirement visa for Thailand. This visa is valid for 3 months and can be extended at Pattaya Immigration for 1 year if you have the ability to meet the requirements. If you are looking at starting a business in...
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Working illegally in Thailand: Thai Work Visa
If there was ever a document in Thailand that has been so misunderstood - no doubt it is the Thai work permit. Some expats call it a Thai work visa which is factually incorrect. One very common problem in Thailand is the misunderstanding of a Thai work permit and what you really need to work [&helli...
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Illegitimate children in Thailand
One issue that has been asked many times at the Pattaya office are about the rights of fathers in Thailand with regards to their illegitimate children. The issue is complex and it is best to speak to an attorney in this regards. The question has been asked and it was best answered not to long [&hell...
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Adoption in Thailand
Adoption in Thailand are done by the Child Adoption Center (CAC), of the Department of Social Development and Welfare (DSDW), in Bangkok. It can however be a 2 year wait. Some parents who wish to adopt can wait up to two years for the process to be completed. There are a number of reasons for [&hell...
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Retiring in Pattaya: OA Visa
Thinking of retiring in Pattaya? There are certain rules which govern a retirement in Thailand. They do change from time to time so always keep abreast fo retirement visa changes. Once you have decided to retire in Pattaya all you need to do is to arrange the needed paperwork which can get very tric...
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