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Retiring in Pattaya: OA Visa

Retiring in Pattaya Thailand

Thinking of retiring in Pattaya? There are certain rules which govern a retirement in Thailand. They do change from time to time so always keep abreast fo retirement visa changes. Once you have decided to retire in Pattaya all you need to do is to arrange the needed paperwork which can get very tricky. Firstly you need to be over 50 in order to retire in Thailand legally. You will also need to ensure that you have the needed money to show that you are able to support yourself. When outside of Thailand you would need to arrange for an “O” or “OA” visa. This is normally issued and valid for 3 months.

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Thai Business Visa

Thailand Business Visa

Thailand Business Visa

A common, yet major cause of delays in the issuance of Thailand business visa is the failure to comply with its documentary requirements. Oftentimes, such scenario is the result of resorting to traditional do-it-yourself techniques or plain negligence. But such “simple” mistakes result to inconvenient consequences. For one, business opportunities are lost. The indirect costs of visa reapplications are worse than failing to generate income and revenues. It consumes too much time and most importantly, it prevents an organization, or even an employee to obtain yet another salient document: the Thailand work permit.

Who must get the Thailand business visa?

Individuals or organizations forming an enterprise in Thailand are the primary targets of this visa. Likewise, foreign employees must acquire documents for the said visa. What are the requirements?

Listed below is the comprehensive and updated list of records and documents needed for the visa.

Type of Applicant Documentary requirements

Foreign employees

● Passport that is valid for 6 months
● Accomplished application form
● Passport photos (4 x 6 cm) taken within the last 6 months
● Proofs of sufficient financial income.
● Approval letter issued by the Ministry of Labor.
● For employees that have worked in Thailand before
● Company documents such as:
● Business license and registration
● List of shareholders
● Company profile
● A map showing the company’s exact location
● Relevant information about the enterprise’s activities
● Balance sheet, income and business tax statements
● Registration of value-added tax (Por Por 20)
● A comprehensive list of all the names of foreign workers
● If employed by companies that engage in tourism-related businesses

Passport valid for 6 months

● Accomplished application form
● Passport photo taken within the last 6 months ( 4 x 6 cm)
● Proofs of sufficient financial income
● Company letter showing the applicant’s employment
● Correspondence letters from business partners in Thailand
● Proofs of financial status (for self-employed applicants)
● Invitation letter from trading companies in Thailand
● Corporate documents like:

  • ○ Business registration and license
  • ○ List of Shareholders
  • ○ Company profile
  • ○ Map showing the company’s exact location
  • ○ Balance sheet, income and business tax statements
  • ○ Registration of value-added tax (Por Por 20)

What else do I need?

A key element in ensuring the approval of this visa is no other than a lawyer. Instead of relying on mere instincts and personal know-how, obtaining legal assistance from those who are well versed in this field is a sure-way to expedite the whole application process.